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Organizing live entertainment

Surreal + Userfront

Surreal (formerly Muso) empowers an entire industry to create better live experiences.

From the venues that host gigs, to the entertainers that perform them and the punters that experience them, Surreal believes that live entertainment should be more accessible for everyone, encouraging a healthy obsession with getting out of the house and away from our screens.

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Surreal's scale

Trusted by 2,000+ venues

Hosted over 30,000 gigs

48,954 5-star reviews & counting

Auth features


6-digit verification codes

Brute force security

Tech stack





Surreal trusts Userfront

Userfront handles thousands of authentication events so that Surreal can focus on its mission.

Auth is complicated, and Userfront gave us the light touch "just enough" solution we need.

Securing better live experiences

Userfront gives Surreal the tools they need to build confidently:
  • Realtime security monitoring
  • User data encryption and backup
  • Brute force login prevention
  • NSA-grade token signing with forced SSL

We love that Userfront handles brute force lockout and helps us feel more comfortable with requests not hitting our servers until a user is authenticated.

Surreal's tech stack

Surreal architected their system to be cloud native, utilizing serverless containers to create multiple isolated, testable, and robust services.

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Surreal uses TypeScript top-to-bottom to improve code quality and create robust, maintainable software.

Next.js logo


Surreal uses Next.js to serve its frontend web assets with both static site generation and server-side rendering (SSR).

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Surreal developed a custom, event sourcing Node.js framework on the backend.

Userfront works with any tech stack

From legacy integrations to modern builds, Userfront provides endpoints and libraries based on open standards to integrate with every tech stack.

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Bottom line:

Surreal's combination of modern tooling and robust security helps them move faster and build better systems.

If you need a modern auth solution that is just the right amount of opinionated in order to make sure you follow good practises without needing to be a security engineer yourself, Userfront is the right tool for you.

Our team has already recommended Userfront to other devs, and we would do it again. Tyler and the team at Userfront have been very friendly, knowledgeable and responsive which is just the cherry on top.

James (Senior Engineer) & Simon (CTO)
Surreal Live

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